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Fishing in Gloucester
Roses Warf
415 Main Street
Gloucester Massachusetts
We had a great fishing season and are now taking reservations for the upcoming season. Please call Capt Scotty at 978-281-8992 or email.

Come on an exciting adventure with
Capt. Scotty!
Aboard our 25 ft 225hp Pro-line. Roomy and Stable
Expert/Premier Fishing in Gloucester

Captain/Owner - Capt. Scott & son Charlie will work together for a successful trip. Capt. Scott has over 35 years of fishing experience and more than 25 years taking passengers for hire, the most in the fleet. This is our profession not a hobby!

Capt. Scott, a native Gloucesterman has extensive knowledge of fish patterns and habitat. He is also well versed in the local lore, rich history and storied fishing past of our nation's oldest seaport.

Novice or Pro.-Capt. Scott will instruct the angler on how to catch and rig baits, troll lures,  fight and boat fish if needed.
We sportfish for Striped Bass and Bluefish. Deep sea fish for cod, haddock and flounders. Out of Gloucester.
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Fishing on Cape Ann

Striped Bass
Striped bass can grow up to 5 feet long and weight in at 50lbs. The record being 73 lbs. Many fish that we catch are over 3` long but most are in the 24" to 36" range or 10 to 25 lbs. Their ability to dive into the rocky out crops make even the craftiest angler challenged on our light Penn saltwater tackle. The meat is white, tender and very tasty  making them a valuable target for visitors and locals alike.

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Flounders are year round habitats, found on the sandy and muddy bottom areas throughout the Cape Ann area. They are bottom feeders that are harvested in waters 30`to 100` deep. Their round flat bodies and resistance to come to the surface made for a tough struggle to bring to the net. Flounder is one of the most sought after fish of all the N.E. seafood. Its meat is pure white, enabling it to be seasoned and cooked in a variety of ways.
fishing in Gloucester


Bluefish are also a warmer water fish. The plentiful bait fish off the shores of Gloucester Massachusetts, make for good feeding and great fishing. Bluefish are fierce feeding machines and their sharp teeth make a school of baitfish boil to escape their grasps. The bluefish travel in large schools. After locating these schools the action of blue fishing in a feeding frenzy is a sight and an experience to behold and treasure!!!
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Safe & Experienced Our boats have all the U.S. Coast Guard required safety equipment. Life jacket for all onboard, Global Position Satellite, Fish finder,
Ship to shore radio and is state registered and U.S.C.G. Licensed

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Fishing Trips Prices

1/2 day fishing (5 hours)
$250.00  & up-1 to 6 anglers.

Includes--All Bait and Tackle.
Free Parking and Free Fishing Photos 

Private scenic, sunset, harbor, and river trips available-$70.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.
Photo and Artist trips available.

Call 978-281-8992 for a customized trip or
email Capt. Scott at

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